Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heading East

I have spent part of the last 3 days getting myself prepped to go to Rhode Island for 5 days.  My son, DIL and two grands will be converging with my sister, myself and my mother in that tiny state.  My son and his family live in CA but are currently doing the tourist thing in NYC.   They are having a blast.  They've already been to the Daily Show, the MASH museum and the 911 memorial.

Youngest grand looking out his hotel window for the morning hot dog vendor. 

I have been hemming and hawing over what knitting to bring with me.  I have 3 skeins for Jim's hand spun vest.  Well half a skein is now the bottom 2 inches of that vest.  Then the Aflame Sock needs to get finished.   However it is very difficult to go so far for 5 days with only 2 items to knit.  What if I finished them or a needle broke or I run out of yarn?  sigh   I discussed this with a laughing Jim.  I do realize that I will get no, nada, zilch knitting done on the 7-8 hour drive in either direction (that's a lot of missed knitting time - sigh) as I am the driver and just can't figure out a way to knit and drive safely. Whatever happened to that rail highway idea for cars?   Socks take me a minimum of 2 weeks.  Jim's vest might go fast or not as Jim is large.  OK so even if I wasn't socializing with my family, if I had 3 hours per day I probably wouldn't get it done.  2 projects should do it.

This morning a UFO  I was designing several years ago was refound lingering under the table in the UFO pile.  Sheesh, now why did I give that up?  Oh yea, the gauge is wrong.  Well that can easily be fixed.  So before I knew it the too big part was frogged, the partial pattern revised and it all got stuffed into my carry bag.  Now I feel better.

And who knows.  Last time I went to RI this shawl was the result.

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twinsetellen said...

Wow, if I got a shawl like that every time I went to RI, I'd go more often! And my eldest daughter lives there, so I already have incentive.

but I know how hard it is to pack for trips - I always bring about 3 extra projects. I try to knit a couple stitches on each just so I don't feel totally silly about bringing them (though maybe that just makes it sillier?).