Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Eleven

Worked from 6-8:30 last night doing voter registration then came home to wait for Dallas Seavey to get into Nome.  I managed to finish the second cap sleeve

during the long wait as he finally came under the arch at 7:20AK time.  Before he even checked in he went down the line of dogs hugging and thanking them.  Besides the honor of the win and the third person in his family to win (His Dad came in 7th this year while his grandad is still on the trail.) he also received a Dodge Ram Truck, $50,400 (there are monetary prizes all the way to 30th place) and a call from the Governor which we were able to hear live.
Being nearly midnight here I just could not make myself stay awake any longer.

Aliy arrived exactly one hour after Dallas and was looking forward to a cup of hot coffee.
Almost every musher attended to her dogs before signing in.  Most removed their booties if the dogs hadn't already done that for themselves.

Ramey Smythe is third to arrive at 11:04 pm AK time. He had hoped to catch and pass Aliy but it wasn't to be.

Peter Kaiser, in 5th position, immediately snacked his dogs.

John Baker took 9th place at 4:25am AK time.

 A bit of disappointment to him after his great first place finish last year.
John has used his fame to help teens in the arctic area.  There used to be a high incidence of suicides but since he started a buddy program the suicides have dropped dramatically.  They also teach the teens how to use their skills and strengths to make something of themselves.  He does this along with Mike Williams, Jr who came in 8th.

DeeDee Jonrowe in purple and fur with 13 dogs out of her original 16 attained 10th place.

And Sigrid Elkund, amid a slew of fans waving Norwegian flags, was delighted to be in 11 place while snacking her dogs on frozen salmon.  

42 more teams still on the trail.  Me, I'll be lucky to finish in the middle of the pack.

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twinsetellen said...

I didn't realize Dee Dee finished with 13 - that is amazing! I was so tickled that she was in the top 10.