Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's only Day 3 and 22 mushers are already 300 miles into the trail at Nikolai.
Ally Zirkle just left so is on her way 10 miles further to McGrath and another 40 to Takotna or else camping outside the main area.
A view of mushers at Rainy Pass. Most have gone on now as the storm didn't keep them still for long.

We are hearing that the Rookies are a bit disappointed as the infamous Happy Steps were a non threat this year because of all the snow.  The Farewell Burn has gone back to brush and the rocky slide called the Dalzell Gorge was a nonentity as well. sigh.  (Us voyeur mushers really look forward to those areas.)
 All of this leads to fast paced mushing.  Quoting Ally Z's husband in her blog today.

"She will always run the race that "her" dogs can run. What I mean by this is that she doesn't look at Hugh Neff, Lance Mackey or anyone else and say "he or she stayed at Rainy Pass for X amount of time, so I need to leave at that same amount of time." She plans a schedule based on what she thinks her team will be capable of doing, usually 3 different contingencies, and then runs that schedule, watching her dogs to pick what is best for them. I guarantee Aliy isn't trying to be in the lead at this point in the race, not that I think she is complaining! Her dogs and her schedule are allowing her to be at the front!"
This is also true of the best mushers.

My knitting is actually fast paced as well and is contingent on my hands staying unharmed and supple meaning, taking rests before they hurt
My own checkpoints are:

swatch - done
back - done
left front
right front - half done
block each part
sew side and shoulder seams
add sleeves
add edgings
wash and block again
add buttons

However, I was hoping to finish with the top 10. The way this race is shaping up I'll be lucky to finish with the top 20.  Well, in the money is fine too.  And the race isn't over until the Red Lantern passes under the burled arch.

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