Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Too Fun!

At guild on Saturday, Vickie showed her new hat, Anemone by Cat Bordhi.  Cat Bordhi's patterns are almost always fun as my collection of her books and finished objects indicates.  Her sense of adventure in designing knitwear has great appeal to me.
Looks more like dredlocks to me than anemone tendrils, but either way I love it.  

Vickie chose to use the mobius brim.  A lot of mobius baskets and other Cat Bordhi edgings have been done in my time but for this one I decided to do the plebian regular edging, Option 2.

Also it seemed that this pattern would be perfect for using up leftovers so went into my stash to pull out all the worsted weight yarns, and then the superwash ones.  Found some (well lots) of leftover primary colored worsted I purchased last summer in the Adirondacks for a baby blanket made to give to a shower for soldiers' pregnant spouses.  You can tell there is a lot of acrylic in this yarn, but it was the best fit I had on hand (and I have a lot of it left, sigh, as enough was bought so I couldn't run out here at home.)

Such a load of fun placing the tendrils just about anywhere, twisting them up to spring joyfully all over the hat.  A delightful interlude item between designs.  

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