Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh those buns

So where were we?   oh yes, doing intarsia instead of Fair Isle.  The second block I committed to was of the Humping Bunnies in Winterfair Gifts.
"Although Roic was fairly sure that the two realistically-detailed ice rabbits humping under a discreet bush were not part of the decorations m'lord had ordered...they did not pass unnoticed, as the first person to observe them immediately pointed them out to everyone within earshot. Ivan Vorpatril averted his gaze from the cheerfully obscene artwork - the rabbits were grinning - a look of innocence on his face.  The Count's menacing glower at him was alas undercut by an escaping snicker, which became a guffaw when the Countess whispered something in his ear."

I found some busy buns on a hat online but there were no charts to go with it so I made my own.  I worked it up in Knit Visualizer but those boxes are square and knitting is not. Knitting is usually about 4 by 5. The chart looked skinny so it was moved into Photoshop where the dimensions were made accurate. Such fun!

Next was to knit the design.  From the last one, see previous post, which is a bit under the needed 10 by 10 inches I decided to add 5 stitches in width and 8 in height.  Also this one has more bobbins to work with -
3 and the ball as compared to 2 and the ball on my first block.  Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so added some holographic thread to the white and grey bobbins to mimic icy sparkle.

It was a fast knit but definitely took most of my attention so no listening to a book on my ipod.

Here's the back.
Notice the fairly neat edges where the yarns change and the fair isle section in the middle where the grey bunny's front paw is overlapping the white buns' back.

Fun!  Just may need to do a whole project in this technique, minus the fussy glittery thread.

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