Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dissaproving Rabbits

"The time has come", the Walrus said..........."To speak of many things............"
And the time sure came to groom Keeper and Gummy. Since angoras love winter, the colder the better, they work up a nice furry undercoat through those months.

Then comes a slow time of late winter/early spring when they start to adjust and then release a lot of that furriness.  However this spring the weather has been rather unpredictable.  We had a couple of 75 degree days where I even put a fan on the buns.  Char and I were having trouble connecting for her to come groom the girls but we were both worried about how much matting Keeper would make with her coat blowing out.  

Last Wednesday, Char called and said she could come over late morning, so I made time and we sat on the deck with the buns. Well.... that is after we caught Keeper.  Those girls will come for snacks but they have never liked sitting on laps and are so fast.  So really fast, that catching them for grooming is a comedy.

However catch Keeper we did.
This is one very Disapproving Rabbit. (I should probably submit this photo to the Disapproving Rabbit website.)

She mats so easily as her fur is super fine.  Not only did she have mats she also had dreadlocks on her head.  All winter, every few days, I would sneak a scissors out with me, feed her a green bean, pet her and then, as I was bringing the scissors forward, disappear she would go. Rabbits are a lot brighter than the press gives them credit for.

Char had to shear and comb and shear and comb and shear and shear this poor girl. She really was extremely patient for about an hour. Then she decided she had had enough.  Keeper began digging and then without warning, bite down on Char's jeans.   We added a towel to Char's lap and my job became not only the fur holder but also the one to replace the towel in time to keep the bite to the towel.
Notice that bit of blue?

Eventually Keeper was as groomed as we could get for the nonce.

We gave her a green bean and let her go.  She hid for all of 5 minutes and then was back watching the game on Gummy.

Gumdrop does not have as much or as fine a coat so rarely mats.  She was done in 10 minutes.
Feisty little girl too.

In another couple of weeks, Keeper will look more presentable but be infinitely cooler.

  Meanwhile I have lots more angora to blend into Pixie Batts.

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