Monday, May 9, 2011


One of my favorite things to do at a Fiber Fair is to trade products with another vendor who likes my stuff as well as I like theirs.

Karin, who runs Sprit Wind Farm, uses some of my colorways to enhance her naturally colored batts.  It gives the batts bits of color here and there, kinda like mat finished sparkles.  She was another vendor at Artistry in Thread.

Usually time has to be found early in the day to go and pick out stuff as I rarely leave my booth during fair times but at this one alas, there was plenty of time to choose.  Karin had time also.  Once we were settled on our choices, I wrote up an invoice and she did too.  Then we swapped and whomever had a balance needed to pay up.  This one came out in my favor.  :^)

I chose some silver alpaca blended with fine corriedale for myself

plus some deep grey baby alpaca blended with merino to spin up for my sister.  This stuff is incredibly soft with some lanolin left in.  My hands are going to be like a baby's after spinning it.

The last week was spent spinning 4.5oz  of the silver blend, with an eye toward fingering yarn. I then plied it with some blue face/silk dyed to Bistro and spun almost as fine.

The resulting ball weighs in at heavy fingering or light sport weight yarn.  Close. Cool.

A faroese shawlette is planned for this yarn as as soon as I can decide on which stitch patterns to use. Then a swatch can be made.  Although I am so chomping at the bit it's gonna be hard to take that necessary time.  Usually I'm not a wishy washy decider but, as you can see, a whole lot of stickies have been used on possibilities.

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