Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Most of the knitting I have been doing lately is design work which cannot be shared until accepted by whichever pattern place I have submitted it to.  Alas that keeps me rather quiet on here.
However I did knit a Citron recently.  This is an extremely popular pattern by Hilary Smith Callis, published in Knitty in the Winter of 2009, as 6654 knitters have added this project to their lists on Ravelry and 6241 have it in their queues.

Two of the women in my Knit Knite are making or have made this shawlette.  It's simple to follow, easy to take along and a very social knit.  I decided to make mine from hand spun sitting in my basket.  Every once in a while I think the stash in there is too much so make myself use some.  This time it was a pink and white and purply turquoisey alpaca, merino & silk.  Of course I just cannot follow a pattern. I do start off that way but I think I am incapable of doing that for the whole thing.  I tweak here and change a bit there.  However it still feels like following to me so is very relaxing.

For this one I added a different yarn for the ruched (like ruffles but held in at both ends) areas.  I just happened to have some purple angora sitting in the basket that went nicely with the main color.

The other thing I added was a row of *k2tog, yo* before and after the purple ruched sections.  I did this because I felt the fabric was too solid and with the added warmth of angora could use some air holes.

What else have I been doing?  Well, Fiber Fair Season is coming upon us.  We will be at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, April 30 and May 1 with the Artistry in Thread Fair.

I've been dyeing and dyeing and prepping. 

Jim has been turning and designing. 
He has been making more spindles 
His veryown spinning wheel will be debuted at this event.
Yup, after 2 years of thinking and redoing and thinking and making and turning, 
a cherry and walnut beauty will be ready for demonstrations and ordering.

Hope to see you very soon.

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Heather said...

A Jim spinning wheel!!! Please get me the info asap as I will want to order one! His artistry with wood is so amazing.

Love the Citron as well, beautiful color combinations.