Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Black Hole

Jim and I have a deal.  He spins the yarn he wants and I then knit him something out of it.  Lately he has been spinning very nice sock yarn.  3 ply heavy fingering or sportweight yarn as he likes warm warm dense socks.  That means the socks are knit on US1's with about 70 stitches.

The current yarn consists of 2 plies of natural cormo with a ply of blueface/silk that he asked me to dye a certain color of green.   I thought it would look like pea soup but the green is full of life and pretty.
Mixed with the cormo, however, the result looks dull and something like khaki.  Certainly not MY colors.  But Jim really really likes it and the socks will be on his feet so........

My problem with this yarn is it does not change color very much.  I like to see colors move into other colors.  That keeps me amused (OK I am easily amused) while knitting 7 trillion stitches in a plain sock.

Oh and this  pair of socks are meant to be this month's present item.  Yes, Jim is seeing them being knit but he knows he will not actually get them until Christmas or his birthday.  And his birthday is one day after Christmas so that doesn't help him get them on his feet any sooner.

Both socks have the heels completed.  I made myself a deal that I could not start a more fun color of socks until one, only one, sock of this color was completed.
So I have been knitting on this sock for what seems like 6 years and am not getting very far.  I do know that not knitting on a sock won't get me anywhere but I am knitting.      A    lot.

The other day there were 3.25 inches of cuff.  Then last night I measured it at 4.  This afternoon it is not even 5.  Sheesh.

Every project has its black hole.  At least for me every project has a place where I can knit and knit and knit and not seem to get much further.  From long experience I do know that if I persist this hole will magically go away and all of a sudden many inches will have been completed.  I don't know if the knit fairy comes in the night and does some wand waving or what, but it does happen regularly.

So I am leaving out cookies tonight, just in case.

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