Sunday, March 13, 2011

Present #2!

So far so good.  Actually fantastic!  Present #2 was completed last week , leaving me the rest of the month to make new designs, repair sock holes and start on Jim's next pair of socks.

A friend of ours runs sled dogs, keeps 4 of her own and spends a good part of the winter with other mushers in the wilds of Minnesota.  I met DJ many moons ago when she came into my classroom with her sled, gear and a dog for my students to visit with, ask her questions and in general become a bit acquainted with the reality of the virtual race they were following - the Iditarod.

What's even stranger is that Jim knew her through canoeing as he repaired her boat a couple of times and made her paddles.  It was so funny the day she came to get her canoe.  I was here and did a double take to see her out of my context.

DJ and her partner, Anne (who trains seeing-eye dogs in her spare time) are good friends.  Usually I don't have time to make presents for other than family but his year I have lots of time...... so thought a nice winter hat would be appropriate.  I found and purchased a set of charts of sled dogs and musher designed by Alexandra Wiedemayer of Sweden.  Rav link here.  Monies from chart sales are going to help sponsor a sled dog team she follows.
from Alexandra "These Charts have been written in honor to the swedish wilderness and impression of my love to my dogs."

I used a simple watch cap pattern, double strands of AK Sunset and undyed Angora merino yarn to showcase the musher, sled and 2 dogs running around the hat.


Anonymous said...

I love this hat! Such a great pattern.
Happy iknitarod to you. :)

kristin said...

What a great hat!

Linda said...

What a beautiful hat! Great design!