Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yes we did!

It's been a rough week what with the shootings in Tucson and the ensuing debates.    Gabrielle Giffords is miraculously free of her breathing tube and actually improving by leaps and bounds.  I believe that is from all the love sent to her from so many people who find this kind of violence abhorrent.  She is a fine fine human being.

However the darkness in this country in books, in songs, in movies and Tea Party/Republican rhetoric is difficult to avoid.  I belong to Knitters for Obama on Ravelry. We have been having quite the forum on violence in speeches as stepping stones to people who just need a nudge or two to act violently.  Just because your candidate did not get elected, is no reason to invoke the 2nd Amendment.  However when I was teaching I saw this trend in too many students and adults alike who did not take responsibility for their actions or consequences resulting from their actions.  Our democracy is at risk.

Somehow I will become involved in something to remedy this trend.  Charity knitting doesn't do it although it does foster good feelings. Don't quite know what yet, but it will appear.

Meanwhile watch this video to regain some of that hope and good feeling we had during the last presidential campaign and for a bit afterwards too.

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Heather said...

I was just listening to that song on my Ipod yesterday.

It's a shame that a small select few can outshout the rest of the country on an issue, just through sheer volume and insanity.