Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All's well that ends well.

So my fellow cruisers, you are probably wondering where I have gone, what I have done and whom with?

With Jim recuperating and me doing his chores I find I have less time and energy for other things and some stuff gets to take a back seat.  Blogging became one of those.

Recapping on the DeNile cruise stops.

#1- hot pads for my mother  √

#2- a specific something, maybe 2, for my sister but she reads this so I am not going to say. √√
A hot pad similar to the ones for my mother but in a plain dull sage coloring.  That is just my opinion.  Mvos likes tans, taupe, dull sage, grey and blacks.  OR as a member of my guild says - murk.
Then hand spun cashmere knit into the Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing cowl.
I was kinda hoping to have a pic of her in one but she is extremely camera shy, that or she just made nice noises and will pack this away with other nice but not wanted stuff.

#3- Texting mitts for granddaughter Alicia - √

These and the new Kathy Reichs book, Virals were a big hit.  Her Great grandma wanted to know what she would do with gloves with no fingers, weren't they useless.  "Oh no, Gram they are for texting."

#4- A felted bag granddaughter Amelia - √
Amelia sings in a chorus and loves horses.  It was rather difficult to find good horse music that could be easily felted.  I settled on "A Horse with No Name".

#5- Socks for Jim - √

Started the day of his surgery 12/14 and completed on his birthday, 12/26  5 hours before midnight.

#6- Finish my shruggy shawl to wear Christmas eve - √ with conditions

I extended the deadline as something had to give with that tight cruise schedule.  I wore a store bought sweater to Christmas eve services instead of the shruggy and allowed myself a new deadline of 12/31. Done on time with a few hours to spare.   Now I get to wear it for Roc Day.

#7- A hat or a scarf for my DIL Liz
And my son says it looks very good on her.  Temps are in the 40's and 50's in their neck of CA so I am imagining her getting good use out of this one.

And I so fell in love with this yarn and this hat that I did a Ravelry search.  The yarn is, of course, discontinued so no amount of dogpiling turned up more than an orange shade at WEBs.  However on Ravelry I did find another Susan (but in Ontario) who had several in her stash. She generously sent me a skein.  In return I am knitting her the same hat but in a lighter shade of the same yarn.  She is blond so should look very good in it.

#8- A thank you scarf for Teri - √
 Jim spun the black merino.  I spun the multi colored merino. Then I held both together to get a worsted weight yarn.

#9- There is/are probably another one or two hiding some where in the yarn room - √
A donation for our Roc Day raffle.

All in all a very successful trip down that creek called DeNile but----  I got very tired of working under such pressure with so many deadlines one after the other.  Ruth says I say the same thing every year. sigh.

How did your trip conclude?

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