Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will there be room?

I leave for CA next Wednesday morning.  I am going to see my handsome dimpled grandson graduate from High School, celebrate the occasion and be there for my granddaughter Alicia's 16th birthday.  There will be a lot of family around so I may or may not get much knitting done.  It really won't matter as I have such a good time on these visits.

 Yesterday it dawned on me that I ought to start getting my act together, at least my knitting act.  I am flying from Syracuse to JFK to Oakland and then a week later reversing it all.  It's a long day of travel what with leaving here about 8am, driving to Syracuse, going through the security, etc.  Then an hour's flight to the Jet Blue terminal in NY where I have almost 2 hours to play around and make a choice about my carry-on food and get tired of hauling the laptop around before the almost 6 hour flight across the country.  Coming back there is almost a 4 hour layover in JFK after the Red Eye lands.  Lots of knitting and computer time methinks.

I have my Spin'n Ride ready with cashmere in the bag as a spinning treat.  Lots of folks have told me that spindles go through Security with no problems so this will be delightful to play with.

Then I have choices, lots of choices.
THREE pairs of socks;
On the left one sock is ready to have its gussets eaten up and its heel turned while the other awaits gussets.  On the right one sock is about an inch from completion but the other has a far way to go.

Then I have the pair to knit for Knit Picks and that one needs to have some priority over the others.
  Also yesterday I figured out that I have too many UFO's on #1 24" circs. I tried using dpns but quickly remembered why I have switched to 2 circs for socks so I went sheep wild and ordered some more from Knit Picks at a ridiculous shipping cost to get them here by Tuesday.

Meanwhile I still need to spin the yarn for my half of Azizza's baby gift.  She is about to hatch her THIRD set of twins.  The first set is 2 girls, the second 2 boys and this pair is one of each.  Sharon and I decided to spin and knit the Presto Chango pattern from Panda, one sweater each.  She chose Butterfly Bush and I chose Clematis Vine.

We really like that the drooled on front can be washed separately from the sweater.  Since Sharon has hers done I think I'd like to catch up.

A rectangular shawl with mitered ends is on the drawing board, just.  Only the chart for one end is done so far and I don't know if I will have time to finish it to take along although I think following a chart on a long plane ride sounds ideal.

I am also trying to separate the knitting/spinning into 2 groups; one will be something that needs concentration and the other can be social knitting.  The Presto Chango is social.  Once I turn some heels the first two pairs of socks are social.  On the Sea Shell sock most of the foot/instep is social once the correct number of stitches are reached.  Of course, how much I can fit into my carry on is another consideration but Jim did wonder if I would have any room left in my suitcase for clothing.

Oh and Alicia's cami is now being blocked.  Once she tries it on then I can either do the bottom trim and hem or else add or subtract some length and then do the bottom trim and hem.  Either way this item definitely goes into the suitcase.

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