Monday, June 14, 2010

Time Out of Time

We left Ithaca by car about 8:30 am with completely overcast skies and temps in the 50's.  Syracuse wasn't much better and by the time the plane landed in NYC it was raining and only 54 degrees.  One of the things I like best about flying over the country is watching the landscape change.  However with such cloudy skies and the pilot trying his best to avoid turbulence I didn't see much down below until we passed over the Mississippi River.
  The guy sitting next to me hadn't see that river at this point in the country before so it was nice to be able to show an experienced flyer something new.  But the cloud cover was still too much for a good photo.

Once we got to Kansas the air beneath us was better so the quilted landscape could finally be seen.

Traveling for 6 hours above it all does seem like time is standing still or the equivalent of a snow day. It isn't but it feels like my world is at least on hiatus, especially with the no electronics sign on so often. Knitting, reading, stretching my legs, stretching my body while waiting to pee, napping, chatting with my row mates.  Pleasant, uneventful and relaxing but eventually long.
Not much past Kansas the landscape changes drastically.

Look under the clouds.  That's snow on the peaks in western Colorado.

The guy on the end was from England but has lived here a number of years.  His politics were about 180 degrees from mine and the guy next to me.   The guy next to me kept trying to explain to him about corporate morality.  (My son says that's an oxymoron.)  It was a losing proposition.   I was relieved when we finally we got to California.

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