Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adult Knitting Content

This post is not for the knitting squeamish.

In July I completed an EZ Shawl Collared Vest which was my very first attempt at steeking. (The pattern can be found on Schoolhouse Press  and there are several EZ forums on Ravelry). I can say from that experience that steeking comes in very handy besides allowing one to knit the whole body of a vest or sweater in the round.   One only needs to get over the forbiding idea that one has to Cut.  One's.  Knitting.  Apart.  eeeek.

Jim liked the vest so much he wanted one for himself.  Jim and I have a deal.  If he wants a sweater, he spins the yarn and I knit it up for him.   So he got himself quite of bit of Christine Johnson's nice hogett romney roving and made some 4 ply bulky yarn.

I started on his vest months ago but because my interests are so scattered varied and jump around eclectic, I also started several other things months ago too.     However the fall season reminds me that presents must be completed by a certain deadline which helps eliminate many of the UFO's.

So far I have completed 4 out of the 5 planned hats, and a wristlet (We are not mentioning what all else I have started).  So then the vest was next on the get-it-done list.   Over Thanksgiving weekend, the body was completed leaving me with only the sleeve edging and shawl collar left to do.   I ran a running stitch in a bright color up the middle of the center steek stitch.  Then used a narrow zig zag on my sewing machine to make sort of a sealed column on both sides of that stitch.   This is one of the sleeve steeks waiting it's turn.

Now if you are squeamish, do not look at the next part.

Yup, the colored thread is removed and the stitch is cut in half in the long direction dividing the sweater into two parts.

And here is a completed sleeve edging plus a shoulder 3 needle I-cord..

See all in one piece, no fraying as the sealed steek likes to curl under like a well behaved facing.
Both sleeves are now complete.

The Shawl collar is next.

Stay tuned.

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tchemgrrl said...

Nah, that's not scary. That's lovely.

What's scary is the friend of mine who knit a steeked sweater, cut the steeks, decided she didn't like it, and *frogged*. And *reused the yarn*. Spitjoins EVERYWHERE. *cue scary music*