Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shawl Collared Vest Evolution

fiber--Sea Mist merino/tussah

plied Sea Mist with Aqua merino

bottom ribbing done.

Notice: this vest is done in the round.

Sleeve was steeked (!!! - myveryfirst) and stitches picked up for the edging.
front was steeked too

and the shawl collar was added.

blocked and ready to go.


Denise said...

Gorgeous vest! I am impressed with the steeking as well. I have not tried steeking yet...just too scared to I guess. Love the colors too!

Traci said...

love love love this!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish it were mine!

Ankles and Silver

Katie said...

Susan, it's beautiful! I love the way you plied it with the aqua merino so that it brought that color out in the merino tussah! Lovely knitting too.