Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spin'n Ride Video Demo

We filmed this video last Wednesday in Wegman's noisy cafe during Knit Night, on my digital camera.  I am blown away that my Kodak M753 can do that.  Teresa is the demonstator.  I was the videographer.    We talked about how the Spin'n Ride worked and its features. 

When I got home I was amazed that the video downloaded into iPhoto.  Macs sure are the neatest things.   Then I opened iMovie and gave myself a refresher course.  I hadn't used that app since retiring from teaching middle school several years ago.  Of course the new version is a bit different so I fiddled and faddled for several hours over several days.

The sound from the original track is so full of background noise that even when it was muted our voices were difficult to hear.  Then I learned to do voiceover.  I practiced.  I listened. I erased and practiced some more.  I learned to do voiceover many times until it was probably as good as it was going to get.  Certainly in this version my voice is much peppier than in the first 5 tries.

Then I learned to do a title and how easy it is to upload a video to YouTube.  The quality could probably use some work but for my first public effort it is just fine.  Does the job.   I'm proud and pleased.
Thank you Teresa for doing most of my work for me as the video needed very little editing.



Excellent! Isn't iMovie the best?

Auntie Anne said...

I WANT ONE!! Wait---I'm not even a spinner. Great film, Susan. Your delivery is compelling.