Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Up until this week I closed my ears when anyone mentioned how many weeks or days it was until Hemlock. Otherwise I was afraid I might freak out.   I keep my brain on a 'need to know' basis when there are lots of things to do. Finally though I gave in to my left brain side wanting to have a list to work off of.

In previous years I actually took that 'need to know' thing a bit far so that in the last 2 or 3 weeks before packing up I was dyeing two sets of pots a day and feeling rather overwhelmed.
  This year I have it in hand.
I actually feel much lighter and less stressed than in previous years.  Look at the calendar and all the cross offs.  I am rockin'.

There are actually 3 extra days where I have not scheduled dyeing.   They may fill in but it is under control.  Next to do are: start carding the Pixie Batts, print business cards, Baynes brochures, any new or renewed signage and make drive bands.  Piece 'o cake.

Even Jim has his end in control.   His two toned spindles are spectacular and we are introducing a brand new spindling item.   Spin 'n Ride.  Stay tuned.

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elsie deluxe said...

oooohhh... can't wait to see all the deights you'll have for us at Hemlock. See you there!