Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome Keeper and Gumdrop

It's been almost a year since SmokeyBlue passed on.  We needed the break from diapering, intensive care and the space to leave for a day or two together.  SmokeyBlue taught me so much about love and getting on with life happily despite limitations. 

 This time we decided to get TWO bunnies so they could keep each other company when I am not able to do that myself.

Charlotte Sharkey of Caravan Farm, (no website yet but if you want her email, please let me know) grows the sweetest animals around.  All her farm kids are friendly - sheep, ducks and rabbits.  We also liked that she keeps her French Angoras in an unheated semi-outdoor space as we do too.  I was vascillating and Jim was still not ready for another buns when Char just happened to bring a basket of bunnies to visit.  Basel was instantly happy and in love.  Jim picked up one and just did not want to put her down.  I fell for the runt of the litter.
This time around I wanted girls as they don't spray and we did not want to neuter.  Turns out the runt, now known as Gumdrop is a girl so Jim picked a pretty girl in champagne to get bonded to her.  He kept calling her a Keeper so that has become her name.

We already had the Palace ready from Smokey Blue.
That's Carl, several years ago, helping with the painting.

And the jumbo dog crate transformed into a bunny condo. Isn't Jim creatively clever?

And SB resting right after a 4 hour trip from his previous home in the Catskills to just south of Ithaca, NY.  SB eventually had the run of the deck with chicken wire on the edgings.  However he was a French Angora and they are great jumpers and climbers which is how he got himself paraplegic.
So not this time.  I am not a caged animal fan but Jim is mildly allergic to fresh angora fluff so these buns cannot live inside.  We decided on a compromise.   Some time inside every day and then a secure run outside that is integral to the Palace for lots of exercise and air.

The hole is cut in the back of the Palace.

WaiLin is Jim's apprentice and a fantastic carpenter in the making.  He just completed the framework for the run.

Notice that this run is secure from raccoons and any other predator that might venture onto the deck. It also opens from the top so I can get at the buns if needed.

OK.  We are ready for the newcomers now.

On Friday Jim and I spent a pleasant afternoon getting reacquainted with our newest family members, drinking tea and enjoying Char's rabbitry.  Then we brought the babies home.

Gumdrop, the 'runt' will cuddle for a few minutes but then wants down.  She is a great explorer.

Keeper could cuddle for hours and does not really want to explore yet.
They both love kale, dill, raspberries, seeds and hay.  Sweet babies that Basel is adoring already while Sparkles is still watching.  These buns are too big for prey so remind him of SmokeyBlue who helped educate him in his kittenhood.
Jim is more than pleased and I am delighted to have some fuzzies to love again.



Oh, so beautiful! Keeper looks so much like my late Percival, who was a sweetheart.

What a great cage and run they have, too.

mary said...

Wow! They are so much bigger than when they visited the guild meeting! You all look so happy together.

Kristin C said...

They are so precious! I hope I get to meet them.

SapphireChild said...

Awesome rabbit palace!! I am going to bookmark this post so I can make one for my bunny too - his cage is just too small for him to get enough exercise and we can't let him free range in the house much because he is a determined chewer.

rebecca jc said...

So cute. What a nice addition to your family and what a happy place you are providing for them.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Susan and Jim, the bunnies are adorable!!
I love what you have created out of the large dog cage! Ingenious!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Susan and Jim, the bunnies are adorable!!
I love what you have created out of the large dog cage! Ingenious!!

Pink said...

Oh how cute! And that's an awesome set up for those little fuzzies.

the bunny lady said...

wow, that is the most amazing set-up! It is so cool! I wish I had a carpenter like that around here! I am a bunny groomer (in L.A.) and I loooove bunnies. You have two beautiful lucky bunnies. Except for one thing. Almost all girl bunnies will get uterine cancer after they are about 4-5 years old if they are not spayed. It is a sad fact. So, if you can, please have them spayed...for their health. I love bunnies so much, and I have a service where I give free advice on nutrition, behavior and environment of bunnies. If you ever have questions, you can email me and get an answer usually within 12-24 hours.
Good luck with your angora's and happy weaving!

the bunny lady