Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clutter or not

Is it too much winter?  Too much staying inside so I see the mess?  Or the fact that the clutter has gotten to critical mass?  Whatever it may be I sure am seeing piles and trying to do something about it.  Everyday I either throw something out or  move stuff around to be more compact.  At any rate, I am not seeing much improvement yet but hope by the end of March there will be actual space under tables and even on tables.

Yesterday I was reading Franklin Habit's blog and he said:
   "Speaking of ugly truths, I reached a point in my workroom where the options were either to clean the place out or to brick up the doorway and pretend it was never there. City real estate prices being what they are, I settled upon the former.
   ... I also slotted upwards of 100 million loose knitting patterns into binders.
   For somebody who uses patterns as little as I do, I've acquired more than my fair share of them..."

Wow can I relate.   The other day, before reading that blog,  I opened the buffet table in the kitchen, piled all the loose patterns onto it, sorted them, put the ones not in sleeves into sleeves (96 new sleeves to be exact) and then into some old binders Jim gave me.  However I still don't have a real place to put them
                        so they are piled on the chair in the Yarn Room.  Sigh... that chair holds a lot. 

                                                                       The floor too.

I have made a date with Joanne to help me sort the yarn room next week.  I am actually scared of what we will uncover but hope she will help with tossing twelve zillion small bits of yarn into the trash and who knows what all else.  That room holds a lot of art supplies too.  When it had only one or two uses it was fine but now that it holds knitting, swatches, pattern books, hand spun and commercially spun yarn, my laptop and its accessories, UFO's, art supplies, crafting supplies like lots of beads etc, it's really overloaded.
And what to do with all those old magazines?  I know they are worth something but......

I could board it all up and might only miss a few things (this week) but we don't have another room for me to fill so this one has to be it.

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Heather C said...

Oh how I relate! I hate clutter, yet art makes it's own clutter. I am working hard on eliminating things that take up a lot of space - well except for fiber. That squishes.