Saturday, November 24, 2012


Last winter, for the first time, one of my patterns, Heart to Heart was published in a National Magazine - Knitters.  A month or so before publication I was sent some galley sheets to check that the pattern had no mistakes and that all of the charts, etc were included.  Then a week or two later one of my Knit Knite crew mentioned she had seen the Neckerchief in the just released issue of Knitters at a LYS.  HUH?    So I ran over to B&N but they didn't yet have it.  Then I boogied to Wegmans and sure enough it was on display.  I bought 5!
Then a bit after publication I was sent 3 complementary copies of the Winter 2012 K105 Issue of Knitters.

So this year another pattern, VERVE, was accepted for the Winter 2013, The SKIRT Issue K109 of Knitters and I expected the same procedure.  Wednesday night at Knit Knite Aimee mentioned that she was so excited to see my skirt in the newest issue of Knitters.  HUH?????   I knew it was expected out soon but since I had yet to receive the galleys thought it might be in December.  Aimee was especially pleased to tell the folks at the knitting shop in Watkins Glen that she had seen the skirt in progress and knew me.  Well that tickled me too.

So after knitting I boogied over to Wegmans but couldn't find the mag.  Then I drove to B&N where it wasn't on the shelves either but asked a customer service person to check.  Sure enough they had come in that day and were scheduled to be put out the next but he brought me some from the back.  I promptly purchased 5!!!!  Then yesterday I received my 3 complementary copies.

No matter. It's thrilling anyway.

AND there will be another of my patterns (which I am madly knitting to make the deadline), a shawl, published in the Spring Issue!!!!!!!!!


Aimee Dars said...

I am happy to be the bearer of good news! :)

steelwool said...

Really cute skirt.
kudos on all your success