Friday, December 16, 2011


Wednesday was my birthday.  We used to try to go out for dinner but it often sleets this time of year.  So much so that we have stopped trying.  Mid December is not the best time to have a birthday what with Christmas and Chanukah in the same month.  Jim's birthday is the day after Christmas.  
Oh poor us.  

Ayne and I are planning a knitting retreat for the spring at her home in Lansing.  We had to do some of the hard stuff this week, so we scheduled it for my birthday.  We want the group to go out to lunch someplace not too expensive but scenic, nonetheless.  Since she lives several miles up the east side of the lake it is easier to go to Aurora than south to Ithaca.   We decided to test out the Aurora Inn's luncheon menu.  Well, someone had to.

I drove up to her 1860 Victorian and she drove us both north to Aurora.  Alas luncheon service in the dining room is halted from the end of October until May 1, so we went across the street to the Fargo Grill. The food was excellent as was the service but the atmosphere is not conducive to a large group nor to knitting.  sigh...  We may just have to check someplace else out another day.

Then we went next door to a clothing shop that is interesting to look through although pricey.  But hey, still fun and they did have a sale rack.

Next we went a bit further up the lake to MacKenzie Childs to check out its suitability for browsing.  This place is really something else.  I think we were lost in there oogling and oohing and ahhhing for over an hour.  The shop consists of several incredibly lush rooms.  A bit of this decor is really plenty in any room, but MacKenzie-Child's decorators have brought excess to an artform.
 Wouldn't you love to be invited to a dinner at this table?

Tuesday night, I set out a dark burgundy turtleneck to wear on Wednesday but changed my mind to a different one at the last minute.   Once I opened the presents from my sister, I knew why I was moved to wear the softer sea green colored shirt.

Doesn't this just go perfectly? 
 My sister sent a Brooklyn themed birthday this year as the bracelet is covered in old prints of Brooklyn. Look! That's the Brooklyn Bridge and NY skyline in the top photo and a side view of the bridge in the ad.  
We grew up in Brooklyn and even though our father's warehouse/factory was situated under the Williamsburg Bridge, we like the Brooklyn Bridge very much as he worked on it in his youth.

And these bird earrings are covered in maps of Brooklyn.
Very fun to wear.

Also on my person on Wednesday was this needle gauge from Jim.
Last Christmas a silver one was a present from my sister.  I wore it often. The nautilus design combined with the practicality really grabbed me.  However one day in February I came home to find the silver chain on my neck but no gauge hanging off it.  Major boo hoo.  I looked everywhere I had been, including under the seats in my car, all to no avail.  Big boo hoo.  I missed it greatly.  Jim replaced it just this week for my birthday with a nice leather cording so I can wear it two ways.  

I am so blessed.

Meanwhile my DIL, Liz, had asked me for a list of what I wanted for my birthday.  That was hard.  Finally after the second request I sent her a list of about 4-5 things I wanted: earrings (when don't I want earrings?), books and some Dreamz knitting needles.

Just yesterday a package from National Geographic arrived.
They are Fulani Tribal earrings, made by Fulani craftspeople in Mali.  
I wished for them but hardly expected that wish to come true. 
 Liz and Matt are very generous to me.

This was the best birthday in memory.

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