Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Update

We are packed and doing last minute stuff (like personal packing, watering the plants, cutting Baz' toenails, washing my hair, etc) and then off to the CNY Fiber Festival to set up our booth in Tent D.

This morning was our regular sunrise practice in the C4.  We averaged 4.2 mph (4 last week) and got up to 6.6 (5.3 last week) at some point.  We also turned the boat in about 2/3 the width of the inlet.  All this is such good progress without any forcing or pain.  Definite fun.

I also noticed last night that items that used to seem fairly heavy while packing up the shop into the Uhaul now seem just fine.

While getting ready for the show I finished the Baby Kick bag (WITH car seat strap hole) and matching hat I pledged for the Joining Forces baby shower that Knitters for Obama committed to.

Also here is one of the logos we are using for Team Spinning Bunny in the Tour de Fleece.  There are 3 to choose from.  Join our team and play.   Special colorway and mystery scarf KAL.

OK - back to getting ready to leave.  Hope to see some of you there this weekend.

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Kristin said...

Love the baby kick bag! I will have to make one for Julia soon. Great hat too, it will make someone's day at the baby shower