Saturday, September 25, 2010

Availability of CPR Equipment

So here we are right in between Schuylerville and Greenwich, NY, near Saratoga, near Vermont. Very picturesque with old buildings, dams, streams and a well kept feel. 
The weather on Friday was hot and humid but we found the fairgrounds, set up without any mishaps,  located our motel and just about fell right asleep once we got into our rooms.

This morning all we could find for breakfast was Dunkin Donuts - not bad in a pinch since we needed to be back at the fairgrounds by 8.

When I taught school we always had to have several people trained in CPR plus a special machine available for emergencies.

So there I was by the counter in DD adding half and half to my tea when I read this prominently posted sign.

We're going to find somewhere else to eat tomorrow.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Not exactly conducive to the ingesting of all those carbs was it?
They are to be commended for being equipped but..a donut shop??