Friday, October 17, 2008

Knitter's Coffee Award

I made this award today especially for the Yarn Harlot  and sent it on to her. Stephanie can take the most awful insane moments and convert them into words of true comedy.  If you have not read her Coffee Story please go get yourself a belly laugh.

I had lots of fun in Photoshop cutting, pasting, coloring and rearranging. Please feel free to swipe this award and gift it to anyone you know who may deserve/need a cup of upliftment.

Addendum to Stephanie's Coffee Story-- As told to Susan at Rhinebeck.
You know those indentations on the pull down trays on airplanes?  It seems the attendant covered up Stephanie's with a napkin but she did not see that move.  When she put her coffee down it was partially into that hole.  The coffee then spilled all over the person sitting next to her.  I'll let you imagine the rest.  VBG

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